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Dog Training Basics – Educate Your Dog Perfectly

Dog Training Basics – Educate Your Dog Perfectly

Dog training basics are the fundamental things once you have a dog or puppy at home. These are the easiest tasks to follow and your dog is enough intelligent to grab what you are trying to teach. They will obey all your words provided you used a good tone along with rewards.

Got a puppy? Or you already have a dog? Then you must know dog training basics, else you can’t give proper teaching to your puppy or dog. Socialization is also another important thing that your dog must be accustomed to that. These are the basic needs of your dog apart from the food and shelter that you are providing already. It is important to start dog training basics as early as possible.

Dog Training Basics – What You Can Do?

Well, if this is your first dog then you will get some new excitements in life. Everything will be new and you must enjoy things. A dog is not less than any of your kids. Hence you are bound to take the same and enough care like your closed ones. And if you are already accustomed to a dog at home then it will be a bit easier for you. But, the truth is, training a dog is like executing a project. You have to go step by step to complete the project at a certain time. Here are a few things that you can do in general for dog training basics:

  • Dog Obedience Program – Before entering into the main training course, you can learn some basic things. These sessions will help you a lot in understanding the nature and behavior of a dog.
  • Use Games to Train your Dog – It is always good to give dog training basics since the beginning as it is easier for dogs also to learn things. Use interesting games that can engage dogs in some activities and turn, will learn a few tricks also.
  • Train by a Master Trainer – Trainers are the best for dogs. They know what they like and what they don’t. So, giving dog training basics using a good and reputed trainer is also another good option

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Training Methodology

Teach Your Puppy These 5 Basic Commands

The training must be based on the positive reinforcement model. Now, what does a positive reinforcement means? It is a process to reward your dog once it does one activity. Then it will get the necessary encouragement to go for the next one. This is the best form of training for dogs and it is being accepted globally. Using these options, a dog learns the basic things that are utmost required in every step. Your dog will learn some values that are an essential part of dog training basics.

Your dog is the same as your small kid. It does not know what is good and what is bad until you teach. So never give any punishment to your dog. Don’t use yelling and leash corrections to teach your dog. Your dog will be confused and can’t perform what you are teaching to do. You have to keep patience while teaching a puppy or dog.

Now, the question is, what can be the options for positive reinforcement? Most of the people use any food item that your dog prefers to eat. A dried lever is such an option. Some use kibble or even toys. As dogs have a good instinct, hence once you praise it with a good note, it can remember that tone. Suppose, after a good effort, it has done a thing completely. If you say ‘Good Dog’ in a pleasant voice, the dog will learn the happy voice of yours. It will acknowledge it as a reward. Food till date remains the best option for dog training basics, but you can use any other thing to train your dog. No harm in it.

Training Sessions

Once a puppy is of 8 weeks old, it can begin simple training at home. This is a good thing as you will get enough time to train your puppy. The training sessions must be brief ones just for 5 to 10 minutes at a stretch. Don’t extend the training else the dog will be bored and it can never learn the things properly. Always end the sessions on a positive note so that the puppy remains happy. If you found that the dog has not learned all the things, give a revision after some time with good gestures. Heap with praise and put good rewards for its success. Remember, if your dog becomes frustrated or bored, then they won’t cooperate with you in learning. Ultimately all your efforts will be in vain.

Important Commands You Can Teach to your Dog

Teaching commands remains one of the most important tasks in dog training basics. Your dog must learn a few commands that will help both of you in the coming days. It can be a fun moment or it can be a utility, too. But these commands will give your dog the requisite balance that it needs.

Here are some important commands that you can teach to your dog:


This is the most common and obedient command to teach. It’s always better to start with the simplest one. Firstly, hold the favorite food close to its nose and move your hand up. This is to allow its head to follow the item and it will be in a sitting position. Now say ‘Sit’ and give him the food. Your dog will love it. Share your affection towards your beloved dog. Repeat it several times and one day you will find whenever you are ready with the food, your dog is in the sitting position already.


Stay command can work once the dog knows the sit command very well. First tell your dog to “sit’ and then opening your palm in front, say ‘stay’. You take a few steps back and look if your dog stays in its position. Reward with a good item and repeat the same for several times. Initially, it can be tough to practice, but finally, your dog will grab this one very easily.

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