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How To React To A Dog Food Recall

Not much can scare a pet owner more than knowing that their dog’s food has been recalled. Many of us have pets that consume the same kibble on a daily basis. Although this routine is easy, it leaves your pet more vulnerable to the potential risks of recalled or contaminated dog food. Many pet nutrition experts and veterinarians now recommend regularly rotating a dog’s kibble to provide greater balance and reduce risk should a particular food become unavailable.

Although relatively uncommon, when dog food recalls do occur it is usually for very good reason. When imported food contaminated with melamine starting making make some dogs terminally ill a few years ago, many owners started to more closely evaluate their dog’s food. Some people starting to make their own dog food and others switched to more expensive, domestic foods from more trustworthy sources.

When recalls do occur, it can be sometimes be difficult to know exactly which products are affected. In order to get the straight scoop, you can visit this FDA website or this veterinarian sponsored site.