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Pumpkin Biscuits--Trick or Dog Treat?

Dog Jumping Over Pumpkins

The internet is expanding with do-it-yourself recipes for pumpkin dog treats, biscuits, and cookies. Commercial dog treat producers are also broadening the list of ready to purchase pumpkin based treats and they are steadily becoming more widely available to the pet owner. There are also handfuls of small dog biscuit bakeries that are producing high-quality, small-batch pumpkin cookies. The health benefits of pumpkin dog products are becoming more widely known and recognized. This raises the question—Is pumpkin a passing fad or a long term trend in products for your favorite pooch?

There are a growing number of reasons why pumpkin is gaining a loyal following among pets and their loyal owners. As simple as it sounds, pumpkin is not beef, corn, wheat gluten or any other ingredient that is well known for causing allergic conditions in dogs. In most all instances, these dog treats are vegetarian. This reason alone makes pumpkin a tempting alternative for many pet owners (although the ingredients list of any treat should be double-checked should your dog suffer from these or other food allergies). In addition to the absence of these ingredients, pumpkin based dog treats tend to be made with many other natural, nutritious items that dogs find hard to resist. Pumpkin is known to be quite palatable and widely accepted by even the most hard to please canine palettes.

Pumpkin dog treats are also considered to be a great choice for dogs that tend to suffer from an upset stomach or the varying forms of motion sickness. It is said to benefit dogs with issues related to diarrhea and vomiting although it is highly recommend that you consult with your veterinarian should your pet have issues with these ailments. Many pumpkin dog treats are also certified USDA organic so you can be assured of rewarding your dog with a biscuit absent of chemicals, fertilizers, etc.

Although the research has not yet caught up with the anecdotal evidence regarding the benefits of pumpkin dog treats, the momentum continues to build in favor of this nutritious fruit.