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Tips For Dog Training: A Curtain Raiser

Tips For Dog Training: A Curtain Raiser

Maybe you want to train your puppy. These tips for dog training will help you do that in a better way.

A sentiment exists that dog training is all about teaching them the obedience commands. But this is not so. You must train your dog for teaching it life skills, companionship, sociability, building a positive relationship, and avoiding problem behaviors. And, this is the responsibility of every owner who wants to feel a sense of pride about their dog. These tips for dog training will help those who are struggling with their dogs.

Top 15 tips for dog training

Keep in mind that the puppy is an infant

Tips For Dog Training: A Curtain Raiser

Being only a few weeks old, it has both physical and mental constraints. It needs the same care and attention as our babies. So, you must have limited expectations and make your house safe for him with baby gates or crates. Provide appropriate toys to chew so that bad habits do not develop. Also, set up a den for him to give him a private sleeping place.  Your puppy will benefit from this.

Help it to relax

As you bring the puppy home, it lands in a new and unknown environment. So, he should be helped to relax for acquainting to the new place. You can give him a bottle of warm water. Putting a ticking clock near the sleeping area also helps. This seems to be like the heartbeat of the litters and help him to soothe.

Choose its name wisely

Of course, you have the right to choose any name for your puppy! But a short name that ends with a strong consonant helps him to adapt better.  Ginger and jasper are two samples. When you pronounce the word with an emphasis on the end the puppy can hear it better and learns to respond.

English is not it’s vernacular

Remember, puppies do not understand English. They do not think or learn as humans. They go as per their instinct and love to do things that give them a happy and safe feeling. Naturally, the puppy you brought home last night will not understand when you say NO. You must allow it time and try to show what you want it to do, he will understand.

Try to listen to the dog

Try to understand the body language of the puppy. This is the most important part of starting communication. Wagging the tail, licking the lips, postures, making strange sounds, etc are some of the signs. If you think he is feeling uncomfortable for something try to remove the cause and make him relaxed.

Decide the house rules

You must decide the rules before you bring him in. This includes what he can do and what he cannot.  Is any part of the house is banned for him? These are necessary as you have to give him gradual freedom throughout the house. This will help to clear all confusion for you and the dog.

Teach him to come to you on call

Tips For Dog Training: A Curtain Raiser

This is one of the tips for dog training. This means that he understands his name. The dog must come to you even he is busy with something. This makes him well-behaved and obedient.

Always reward good behavior

You must reward your puppy or dog, for good behavior, with positive enforcement. This is the most vital of all tips for dog training. You must train him with what he likes and not those so-called “favorite treat for dogs” foods. Give it fast. Or, your dog will not be able to associate with its action. You can give him tiny pieces of chicken breast, chicken liver, cheese, etc. You must take away the treat for any bad behavior.

Tell only what he should do

Giving the NO command does not give much information to a dog. Suppose he is jumping on someone to greet. If you tell NO, he may start jumping on the other side. So, it is better to tell sit. He will be able to follow your command.

Discourage biting and nipping

Never scold your pet. It produces negative effects on him. Try to pretend that you are fleeing great pain due to his biting and nipping. It will surprise the puppy and he will immediately stop. In case this fails to work, give him a toy to chew. He will immediately go for that. If that fails then you must break up biting and ignore him.

Dogs do whatever you reinforce

In case your puppy behaves a way that you do not like, maybe it has been reinforced earlier. Suppose the dog brinks a toy bone to you and start barking. If you throw it the dog brings it back and starts barking again. If you again throw it, the dog knows that he can entice you to do things by barking. You must say NO to his barks and also ask him to sit.  If it does not listen, ignore him. He will understand.

Always be affectionate when he comes

Never punish your dog when he comes. Not even, if did something wrong. Always be positive, this will make it happy.

Always be consistent

The same actions should always give rewards. Also, give the dog the same command every time. This is one of the important tips for dog training

Set it free

Dogs are animals and do not always like to be confined. You must set them free. This will make them happy.

End training with a positive feeling

You must praise and do some petting during training for a happy ending. This will make him excited about the next session.

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